We are looking for a new adventure

We sell our Überallpenner Peppi

VW MAN G90 FAE 9.150 – four-wheel camper / expedition vehicle

It’s hard to believe, but we would like to sell our vehicle to set off for new adventures. It’s a bit difficult to find the right words, because we built our Peppi for 2 years and now live in it full time for 3 years.

Currently we are traveling in Greece and here he could also be viewed. We would also make our way north for a good offer. :)

The interior is designed for 2 people and self-sufficient camping. We often get by for several weeks without filling up with water. The expansion in the living area is very similar to a Bullis and the large sliding door supports this even more. This makes the feeling of space very nice and with the door open you can enjoy a great view.

But now the data about the vehicle:

The vehicle includes numerous spare parts, repair manuals, special tools, 4 x snow chains (RUD), recovery equipment (shackles, ropes, sand plates and a lifting bag 40 t) and the roof boxes. The vehicle is immediately ready to travel in good condition, only some minor defects, which will be repaired.

A classic car registration is available and thus there are some privileges (environmental zones, taxes).

We bought it in 2017 and then converted it into a camper ourselves, since then we have made numerous trips and always made adjustments and improvements. Most recently, the rims were replaced (snap ring rim – tubeless).

In April and May 2022 the vehicle was repainted, numerous oils and fluids were changed in addition the transfer case was resealed.

Vehicle data:

– Mileage: 85,000 kmPower: 150 hp
– Length: 6,15 m (without spare wheel), width: 2,3 m (without mirrors), height: 3,25 m (with air release < 3,20 m)
– Tires: 14.5R20 (365/80R20) MPT81
– Engine is from MAN inline 6 cylinder with 150 HP and 6900 cc (naturally aspirated diesel)
– Permanent four-wheel drive with off-road reduction lockable transfer case and lockable rear axle
– Engageable auxiliary drive (is not connected)
– It is loaded to 7.49 t and weighs 7.1 t ready to travel the unloaded weight is 5.9 t. Technically everything is designed 9.3 t
– Max. Speed: approx. 95 km/h (for us 75 to 80 km/h is a pleasant cruising speed)
– Consumption: approx. 19 L per 100 km
– Fuel tank capacity: 300 L

Equipment in the living area:

– 930 Watt solar system (3 modules and MPPT charge controller)
– Battery 5,1 kWh Lifepo4 (24 V system Winston cells 8 pieces with 200 Ah each) with 123 BMS and automatic switch off
– Charger (Victron blue smart 24/8) and manual switch for shore power supply
– Pure sine wave inverter 2500 watts
– Mobile induction cooktop
– Webasto diesel cooktop
– 24 V compressor refrigerator with 3-star freezer compartment a conversion of belluna.eu
– Air heater Autotherm/ Planar 44d with height kit
– Pressurized water system with replaceable filter elements
– Water tank 320 liters
– Hot water boiler Elgena Nautic-Therm 20 liters is coupled via a heat exchanger with the engine circuit and thus produces hot water (30 min driving is enough for hot water) alternatively, the water can also be heated by electricity
– Numerous USB charging options
– Dry separation toilet
– Shower is installed in the entrance area
– Very big sink
– Height adjustable table
– Bed folded back 195 x 80 cm and fully unfolded 195 x 160 cm
– Passage into the driver’s cabin
– Plenty of storage space

Stellplatz Südtirol
Offroad in Rumänien
Furt Island

Pictures of the living area can be found under „Roomtour“ or in the article of the Explorer Magazine

Of course we would give a detailed introduction to the vehicle.

We are looking forward to serious offers. Write us gladly by mail: mail@ueberallpenner.de

or via Telegram